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Sep 24, 2012 4:30am EDT
jones died before midnight when a motorcycle crushed in to a utility pole in virginia. alcohol was not a factor. smith traveled to virginia to be with his family, he got an hour of sleep before the game and made the decision to play when he got to the stadium. he is glad he did. in the second quarter smith scored a touchdown and after the game he says it was for his younger brother who looked up to him as mentor. >> i just said a quick prayer. obviously, you play with a hef heart. you want to play for that person. my mom and all my family and everyone was back at the house watching. they didn't know i was going to play until the last minute i texted my mom, i got to the stadium. >> yesterday he posted about his younger brother on his twitter account. here he posted pictures you can see, they had a close relationship again smith saying his younger brother looked up to him as his mentor and will be sorely missed. he is helping him cope with his brother's death and he looks forward to playing the game thursday against the cleveland browns. linda so, abc2 news. >>> four percent of
Sep 3, 2012 4:30am EDT
the week. we are working with stalled out front around virginia. and that's going to add to the rainfall totals as we go through time. temperature wise this morning, though, well above average. good morning edgewood at 74 -- 74. 73 in stevensville. chesapeake beach at 73. hanover. westminster and also megan. >>> days before the national convention gets underway democrats spent the weekend out on the stump. joe biden was in pennsylvania and wisconsin and the president continued his road to charlotte tour taking him through colorado and louisiana before the final stop in north carolina. we have the story. >> reporter: with dnc preparations in full swing, this week it's all about the democrats. downtown charlotte north carolina is getting ready for the convention. meanwhile, advisers to both president obama and mitt romney battled it out on the sunday talk shows. >> when he took office shortly after his inog ration he said if he didn't have this economy turned around in three years, his presidency would be a one- term proposition. the economy has not turned around. >> in tampa we saw nothi
Sep 18, 2012 4:30am EDT
in virginia are affected. cars were vandalized. the islamic center were also targeted. the fbi investigators say the buildings were spray painted. deafs in oklahoma are hoping to talk to a grandson of an elderly couple found dead in their pikesville home. matthew long is a suspect in the murders. the two were found dead last week. long is in the hospital after he overdosed at a oklahoma hotel room. when police took him to the emergency room his name came up as a person of interest. >>> a police report is giving details behind the arrest of a baltimore pay medic. shawn white, slapped a drunk woman while she was on a stretcher. the victim was not combative. white lifted her by her neck and smashed her body to the headrest of a stretcher. the president of the firefighters union believes that the level of patient care was not as good as it should be. shawn white should not have been arrested. >> a lot of them get belligerent, arrogant trying to instruct the person, the paramedic how to do his job. >> white is charged with two counts of second degree assault. the incidents were caught on video a
Sep 5, 2012 4:30am EDT
and you're also seeing some rain showers now in west virginia. if you are traveling that way, a couple of downpours, but all in all we are mainly dry this morning. that's not going to hold true, though, as we go into the afternoon. we do have better chance for scattered showers and storms to pop up. 76 in glen burnie, towson at 76 degrees. winds out of the southwest at about five to 10 miles an hour. that will continue as we go throughout the day. as once again we are dealing with a little bit of patchy fog in some spots this evening, but we're also very balmy this morning. we're waking up to temperatures coming in right around 78 to 80 degrees. by lunchtime that temperature will be at 85 degrees. we will get some sunshine in here, but we also will be dealing with rain showers as well. so take the rain gear with you as you step out and about. let's get a check of abc 2 time saver traffic wi mike mass koes. >>reporter: good morning. it's hot out there. 80 degrees at 4:00 in the morning. here's what's going on this morning. there's not much happening, the roadways are quiet across much
Sep 28, 2012 4:30am EDT
. this happened at a yard sale. she bought it for $7 at a flea market in west virginia. turns out that painting may have been stolen from a local museum. you see the artwork was a surprise and it was supposed to go up for auction and tomorrow, that's when it was going to happen. however, a reporter did a little digging and believes that that painting, it may have been stolen from the baltimore museum of art more than six decades ago. the action has been called off and the fbi is now investigating. >>> a seven-week-old puppy stolen from an animal resource foundation on ken island now back where he belongs this morning. you see, somebody brought mango into the foundation's adoption center last night. we're told that he is doing well and now he's back with his mother. >>> you've heard about the dangers of drinking and driving. well, how about drinking and riding? the wild ride one man took police on and how they managed to finally slow this wayward cowboy down. >>> plus a strange image that was caught by a camera that may have many people taking a second look at it. we're going to show it to yo
Sep 6, 2012 4:30am EDT
county and also some showers in virginia just about around montgomery county. we can see some showers now trying to move into the rockville area. that will be the scenario through the morning. very light in nature out and about and an isolated show in the afternoon and evening time frame but mainly dry for today. temperature-wise this morning we're at 70 kegs right now in woodbine. 75 in bethesda and 72 reisterstown. we will have the winds on the calm side. they'll shift around to the south so that's what it is for this afternoon for the morning. and your hour by hour forecast it looks like this. we have some patchy fog out there this morning, souppy once again and by noontime 86 degrees with the sun/cloud mix. a check of the abc2 timesaver traffic with mike masco. >>> good morning. the orange by the way lynette. we all have orange on but they lost last night. may not have to do that for tonight. here's what's going on outside on the big boards. we have some construction delays across baltimore city right now. sinclair lane dealing with some closures right around edison highway. then up t
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6